Arts Alliance Update

The Arts Alliance hosts many different kinds of artists throughout the year to present or perform their material to the community.

On February 13, the Jim Bee Trio performed at the Skyline Golf Course for the Valentines Day Dinner Theater. The Jim Bee Trio featured the guitar work and voice of Ed Sullivan, the former owner of Sullivan’s Supper Club in Trempealeau. They played a variety of music from show tunes to jazz, and country.

The next event the Arts Alliance is hosting is the Macalester College Pipe Band. The band, consisting of eight bagpipers, three drummers and two dancers, will be performing at the Lunda Theater on March 20 at 7:00 P.M.

Linda Heller has stepped down as president, and Barb Olson stepped up to fill her position. Barb Lahmayer moved up to fill Olson’s vacated vice president position.