Sibling Rivalry: Olivia & Maria Lee

10 Questions with Junior Olivia Lee and her sister Freshman Maria Lee 

1. What’s an annoying habit your sibling has?

Maria – Takes my stuff and it gets irritating.
Olivia – When we wake up in the morning and we’re wearing the same thing. 

2. Do you share things (objects) with your siblings and what are they?

Maria – Yes, we share clothes a lot
Olivia – Yes, clothes sometimes 

3. What’s your favorite memory with your sibling?

Maria – Playing volleyball on the high school team.
Olivia – When we went on our family trip to Hawaii this past Christmas and went shopping. 

4. Where would you want to travel with your sibling?

Maria – Back to Hawaii
Olivia – Back to Hawaii 

5. Could you live with them the rest of your life?

Maria – No! (without hesitation)
Olivia – Umm….No 

6. What’s your sibling’s favorite winter activity?

Maria – Not basketball…I don’t know.
Olivia – Snowboarding

7. What’s your favorite winter activity?

Maria – Basketball. (Not quite Olivia)
Olivia – Sledding 

8. What’s your sibling’s favorite sport?

Maria – Softball?
Olivia – Basketball ( You got that one right) 

9.What’s your sibling’s favorite food?

Maria – Lucky Charms (actual answer was baked goods)
Olivia – Macaroni and cheese (actual answer was macaroni and cheese. Good job Olivia)

10. (Final and most important question) Why is being Hawaiian such a great thing? (For those of you who don’t know Olivia and Maria both have Hawaiian heritage)

Maria – Because we get to go there often.
Olivia – We get to go to Hawaii and its always warm and sunny there.