Finding a New Way to Stay Active


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Everyone knows that sports are a priority for some students at Black River Falls High School, and with sports comes staying active. In an estimate made in 2020 by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, nearly 8 million high school students are currently participating in a sport.

Physical health plays a big role in how well a person performs, but what have students been doing to stay active with all the restrictions in our area due to the pandemic?

“I did home workouts over the break, in between sports, which helped but they’re not the same,” sophomore Evan Voss said. “It was such a long break with COVID.”

The Lunda Community Center was a key place for athletes and people in the community to go to stay active. However, in the first quarter of 2020 in an attempt to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, the center closed to the public.

“We actually have weights at home,” junior Kaylee Sweno said. “I’ve been able to use those for the time being until the Lunda Center opens.”

Restrictions were made in order to help us stay safe, but these restrictions can affect athletes who are trying to stay active and improve in their sport. It also doesn’t help that we are in winter months, which limits outdoor activities.

“There are a lot of athletes right now that are trying to find somewhere to get better and they can’t do that unless they’re provided an inside space,” softball and tennis player Haylie Schmidt said. “You can’t run outside, you can’t work out outside, so I think that’s really difficult.”

Some students use physical activity to get a break from reality. For those students, staying active is key in maintaining good mental health.

“I definitely think that how much you stay active has an effect on your mental health,” Schmidt said. “I know that I always feel better after a good workout or good softball practice.”

Having an outlet, a place to get away and focus on things that are really important is crucial for many students.  

“I think that staying active really does have an impact on my mental health because it allows me to take time for myself,” Sweno said. “When I’m working out I can kind of think about the things I need to do and have a plan and it really just helps me to stay organized in a way.”

Being active every day is as important to some students as brushing their teeth.

“I’m an active person, and when there was a period of time where I was not so active, it really changed who I was and what I thought,” Voss said. “I started working out in basketball and now I feel more myself.”

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives today, and while for some it may distract them from being active, other students actually pull motivation from it.

“I like to follow fitness accounts on Snapchat and Instagram,” Sweno said. “One person that I really like is Whitney Simmons, because she talks a lot about mental health and how that’s a big thing with physical health.

Aside from social media, many athletes at BRFHS stay active solely because they’re passionate about their sports.

“I stay motivated through sports,” Voss said. “I take them pretty seriously and I know it’s for the fun and enjoyment of it, but it really motivates me to be the best I can be for myself and for my team. I think staying active is very important, with whatever it may be.”


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