DELPH Establishes relationships TO impact student success


After months of struggles in the math department, Black River Falls High School has a new teacher. Teresa Delph is the newest addition to the high school. She has taken over some geometry and all of the Algebra 2 classes.

“I think this school in particular, Black River Falls, the people here are so kind and so open,”  Teresa Delph said. “The kids are willing to learn and the staff is willing to help with that.”

The amount of work she puts into her job is highly appreciated by the students at BRFHS.

“She was willing to come in last minute and was so devoted to her work, and wants to make sure we all learn what we need to,” sophomore Sienna Campbell said.  

A few students noticed how open she was with them and how eager she was to get to know them. 

“The first thing she did was get to know each and every one of us and then we got to know a little bit about her,” Campbell said.  

Everyone knows that high school is not the same experience for anyone. Delph said that if a student is having a bad day, they should tell her and they will work together to get past it. 

“It’s important for me to understand where the students are coming from every morning,” Delph said. “The first thing you need to do is establish trust between the student and the teacher. I think it’s really important to foster a relationship because when the student knows that you’re in their court, they’re more willing to be in your court.”

For Delph, building relationships are crucial when it comes to learning, and some of her students feel the same way.

“If the teacher and I aren’t on the same page then I’m not learning as well and not understanding the material,” sophomore Ryder Brown said. 

Delph makes this one of her priorities when teaching because of the success that it has caused her already. 

“Success is built on relationships,” Delph said. “So, when you have a good relationship you’re more apt to want to be successful, and to do the things that are asked of you.”

Communication and relationships between a teacher and their students make a big difference in students and the way they approach them for help. 

“If I have a good connection with the teacher then I’ll be more willing to ask for help with questions,” Brown said. “Then, I’ll be able to get a better understanding of what I’m trying to do.”

The students are having a better understanding of what is going on in their class since Delph has arrived.

“She’s actually teaching us, matching our pace with our learning, and giving us the notes that we need,” Campbell said. 

Teachers were our age once, believe it or not, they know what we are going through. 

“I think young adults need to know that teachers are people too,” Delph said. “Together we can foster the environment that we want in the classroom to learn.”