Kora Comes Off Injury


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Injuries are one of the hardest things to deal with, especially when it is your last sports season of high school.

Senior Kora Ulness broke her collarbone in December right before the new year and only two months before the start of her senior track season. 

“At first I didn’t think that I had to have surgery because the ER doctors did not believe it was that bad until the next day when I heard a huge pop and got Xrays and found out it was 2 ½ times more displaced than it was originally,” said Ulness. 

The doctors told Ulness she would need surgery right away. 

“The days following after surgery were mostly spent watching movies and sitting around icing,” said Ulness. 

Ulness wanted to recover as quickly as possible to be able to be ready for the upcoming track season.  

“The recovery process has gone really well. I was able to do stuff almost right away and had my full range of motion back after only 2-weeks post-surgery and am back to contact sports ten weeks after which was March 10,” said Ulness. 

Ulness has been working out and finding workouts to gain the strength she has lost back. 

“I have been doing a lot of push-ups to gain my strength back along with planks and exercises like that,” said Ulness. 

Ulness competes in pole vaulting for the track and field team which can be hard after coming off an injury of this sort. 

“I am not nervous about the physical aspect of pole vaulting but more the mental blocks that are to come and that I need to realize I can do it, despite my injury,” said Ulness. 

“My goals for this season are to place top three at conference and get to regionals and sectionals as well,” said Ulness. 

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, the track and field season has been postponed indefinitely which has hit the seniors with hard realization that they may not get to have a last season. 

“It makes me sad because I worked hard to regain strength for this season,” said Ulness.

Although the season may not happen, Ulness continues to train for the time being. 

“I still workout in hopes that we might get a little bit of a season although we probably won’t. I run and do and ab and leg workout every day,” said Ulness. 

For Ulness, not having a senior season is heartbreaking because she has been in this sport for so long. 

“It makes me super sad to think that I might not get a last season. I have been in track since 7th grade and I really love the sport and have been looking forward to this season,” said Ulness. 

Although there may not be a season, we can still hope for a different outcome.

“I hope people start listening to the CDC and stay at home so we can get over this and maybe catch the tail end of the season,” said Ulness.