5 Questions With Mr. Nyman

Mr. Nyman, an avid Harley-Davidson rider, poses with his beloved exhaust pipes in his room.

1. Q: If you were a Harley-Davidson motor cycle which one would you be and why?

    A: I would be a custom chopped softail that was painted black with 18″ ape hangers. I would also have 120 cubic inch motor so that I could go fast.

2. Q: If you were given 3 wishes by a genie (no wishing for more wishes) what would they be and why?
    A: 1. Another Harley because having more than one is always better.
        2. 400 acres of land, so I would have a place to build my cabin and my own place to go hunting.
        3. A new truck because mine is getting old.
3. Q: What fast food establishment is your favorite and why?
    A: Taco Johns–because they have potato oles.  
4. Q: If you could take a vacation to anywhere, where would it be and why?
    A: Somewhere up in the mountains, because I like camping and hiking. Also, because it is very peaceful in the mountains.
5. Q:If you were one of the power rangers, what one would you be and why?
    A: The red one, because it is one of my favorite colors, also because I don’t know their names.