Athletic Director Hosts Assembly Every Month


This year, the newly appointed Athletic Director, Mr. Jay Weinman is taking the lead in organizing a school assembly every month to promote the new “We are (BRF)” theme. 

“We have a different theme that we want to introduce each month and we like to recognize all the great things the students do at school,” said Weinman.

There are various opinions about the assemblies, some good and some bad. Having an assembly every month is a new thing and students are still forming opinions. Aubrey Fredrickson explains her feelings about the assembly and how it positively affects the school and the students.  

“I think assemblies are a good way to have all of the students come together because everyone is always doing their own thing. But when you have assemblies, everyone is in one place doing the same thing, coming together as a community,” said Fredrickson.

On the other hand, some students have negative opinions about it and view it as a waste of time. The assemblies are during the time set aside for students to complete any unfinished work and get ready for the day. 

“I think it’s important for the administration to promote school spirit but the fact that they take away from our advising time is very annoying,” said senior Adaylya Karau. 

The assemblies are a new event and are still taking shape. Teachers and students are working to find ways to improve the assemblies and make them enjoyable for the entire student body. 

“I’d rather have a student, or group of students, do what I do. I think it would have a bigger impact if it was student-led,” said Weinman. 

Despite the differing opinions, most students are warming up to the idea of the monthly assemblies. Mr. Weinman is positive about the assemblies especially after he noticed that there are smiles on faces leaving the assembly. 

“One thing I like is the fun activities, which makes everyone laugh. We talk about things that matter. We also get out of class which is nice. Plus they don’t happen that often so there really is not much time being taken away, and it’s worth getting everyone in the same place,” said Fredrickson.

Through the assemblies, the administration hopes to recognize the great things happening around the school and to become more united as a whole. 

“I think if we learn a little bit about each other and celebrate our accomplishments, we understand each other a little better and form a better sense of community,” said Weinman.