Dig Pink 2019


There were over thirty baskets raffled off, buckets to donate money for players to get pied in the face at the homecoming assembly and cupcakes sold at this year’s dig pink night. This event is hosted every year by the senior volleyball players moms with the help of the volleyball program and community members.

“I think Dig Pink went really well. I mean, we swept G-E-T in three and last time we played them they swept us. We also raised a lot of money and broke the record that was set last year,” said senior Elly Christenson.

This year dig pink earned a record-breaking $2,423 that will all go to the American Cancer Society; that is $400 more than last year.  Just alone the buckets for volleyball players to get pied made $307. The biggest thing that brought the money in was the raffle basket earning $2,068 leaving the rest of the money earned by the cupcake sales.

“Dig Pink is important because it just puts a lot of money towards a good cause and it gives our school a good name, also it makes sure that are giving back to our community members who have dealt with cancer and struggled through those times,” said senior Kora Unless.

There was a great turnout of fans dig pink night. The gym was packed with people sporting their dig pink shirts. The parents even ordered the student section goodies including: thunder sticks, Stickers, ribbon sticks and beads. Talk about a pink out.

” There’s a lot of setting up for the senior moms, and they really did a good job this year, they had a lot of baskets and everything,” said Senior Bailey Backaus “We all had to go around to local businesses and make sure that we’re getting support from the community and getting the word out about it.”

 Each volleyball team all chipped into the event by making their own basket. If you were there you may have seen the Varsity’s “Fall” basket or the JV’s “Baking” basket. Not only did the volleyball teams contribute but local businesses like Hoffman Construction donated a Yeti cooler filled with a $50 meat package and Papa Murphys donated free pizza coupons and seasonings.

“Dig Pink is a really important game to me just because it hits so close to home because my grandma was as a survivor of breast cancer and there have been other cancers in my family as well,” said Unless.

This year was the second year that the varsity volleyball players played in honor of someone. It may have been a family member battling cancer or have battled cancer. It also may have been someone you heard of that lost their fight to cancer; it also could have been any type of cancer.