Mini Cheer Clinic 2019


Over 60 boys and girls joined in on the Tiger Cheerleaders’ mini cheer clinic this year. This event is hosted every year during homecoming week to get the Kindergarten through Fifth graders interested in the sport.

“I like getting to know the little kids and seeing that they look up to us a lot. They are always super happy to be with us and they want to learn so much,” said junior Madalyn Coplien.

The elementary students who come do have a lot to learn. This year the high schoolers taught the elementary students chants, jumps, dances, and stunts. It was hard for the cheer team to keep track of all the children.

My favorite part was getting involved with the new grade levels and introducing the younger kids to what they can look forward to in high school,” said junior Hayley Klein. 

Working with elementary students is never easy, but it can be fun to become their friend and see how they progress through the time with them.

“I think the most challenging part about it was be trying to keep them all in line. Because of how young they are, they don’t always know where to go,” said Klein. “Other than that, they all listened and had a really good time.”

The opportunity to give elementary students something that they will look forward to and remember when they are in high school makes it the most fun for the cheerleaders. They all enjoyed teaching the children new skills that they can take with them and practice on their own as well.

“The best part of the mini cheer clinic was teaching the little kids their dance. It always brings them a joy to be able to move to music and follow us,” said junior Faith Leisgang. “A really challenging part is teaching them the steps in a timely manner because they have to learn it so fast.”

The kids from the clinic are invited to march with the cheerleaders from Skyline to the high school in the Victory March. When they get to the high school, all the elementary students showcase what they learned at the clinic to their parents and community members. It is their opportunity to be the real cheerleaders.

“Maybe next year we could add more grade levels. Taking the opportunity to include the middle school level so if they are interested in cheerleading, it can better prepare them for what high school is going to be like,” said Klein.

It has always been a great learning opportunity for the kids as well as the high schoolers. They get the chance to see what teaching and interacting with younger kids is like. Building relationships that the kids will remember for a long time.

“Next year I want to work with the older kids,” said Coplien. “I had fun with the little kids. They were cute, but I look forward to the connections we are able to make with the fourth and fifth graders. You can really tell that they want to grow up to be just like us.”