Book Review: 13 Reasons Why

Courtesy of Razorbill

Suicide is a very sensitive subject in the minds of millions of people. It’s hard to understand why a person would make the decision to end their own life. Jay Asher dives into the mind of a teenager who commited suicide in this stunning book that makes you think about the decisions you make in your life.

Asher starts the book with Clay Jensen finding a box on his porch with his name on it. The box, he discovers, is filled with cassette tapes that a former classmate-Hannah Baker-recorded. But here’s the twist-she committed suicide two weeks earlier. On the tapes, Jensen discovers that there were thirteen reasons why she committed suicide, him being one reason. As he listens to the tape, Jensen also discovers how he and twelve other people influenced Baker’s choice to commit suicide.

Asher takes you into the mind of high school student Hannah Baker in a mind-boggling story that gave me chills from the first page to the last. It was an incredible book to read, and it really made me think about the things other people have been through in their lives.