Class of 2020 Set To Graduate A Week Early


Black River Falls High School is planning on having the class of 2020 get out of school earlier than the rest of the students at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

After many years of just having the seniors get out of school on the same day as every other class, BRFSD has decided to follow in the footsteps of many schools in the area that let their seniors out early such as Tomah, Alma Center and Melrose-Mindoro.

A lot of the seniors are not pleased with the fact that they are the last class to have to go an entire school year for their senior year.

“I’m kind of upset, but at the same time, I don’t really care. I’ve missed so much school this semester already that it doesn’t make a difference to me,” said Ross. “Also, I know I will be done with college before next year’s senior class, so I’m not too affected by that change.”

Most of the seniors say that they aren’t impressed with the change, some of this years juniors thought otherwise.

“I think they should because we’ve already gone through a bunch of stuff throughout our entire high school career and it’s nice to get out early,” said junior Chase Yaeger.

The majority of the class of 2020 are excited about this change for multiple different reasons.

“I think it’s awesome being the first class to do this because it’s going to be nice to get out before everyone,” said Yaeger, “it’s also fun to make fun of the class of 2019 because they’re the last class to have to go for the entire year.”

Out of all six of the schools in Jackson County, Black River Falls is the only school district that hasn’t let the seniors out earlier than the rest of the students at the end of the year.

“I think that our seniors should get out early because every other school does it,” said senior Sean Johnson.

It’s not only about the fact that a lot of other schools do this, it’s because most students feel that it is a privilege that they have earned.

“I think seniors should get out early at the end of the school year just because I feel it’s a privilege that seniors earn,” said senior Abby Ross. “We’ve been at this school for four years, so it would be a nice incentive to be let out at least a week early.”

75% of seniors say that their grades go down at the end of the school year just because they are unmotivated and “just want to be done”.

“Most seniors have such bad senioritis at the end of the school year anyway, so it’s not like they’re productive,” said Ross.

Seniors that are already accepted into colleges feel that they don’t have to try for the rest of their high school career because they are already set for their futures for college. Most colleges say that they pay attention to seniors’ grades at the end of the year to make sure they are still working towards their goals.

“I think that this would make the seniors be more motivated because they know that they don’t have to go the whole school year,” said Johnson.

Even though a lot of these students are upset, some still can understand why leaving early might not be in their best interest.

“This one is kind of more about finals,” said Ross. “Finals are helpful because they help give me an idea of what college may be like, but if I don’t need all the classes I’m taking second semester of my senior year, then I feel I should only have to take finals for the classes I need.”