Destiny 2 – Is it worth buying?


Since the release of Destiny 2 in September of 2017, the game has undergone some changes. The Curse of Osiris expansion from December of 2017 was widely known as a failure, while the Warmind expansion from May of 2018 was thought of as the first step in the right direction. Now that Forsaken and Black Armory have released to a positive reaction (with at least two more anticipated expansions on the way), is Destiny 2 worth buying a year and a half after it’s initial release?

If you haven’t heard of (or at least played) Destiny 2 and the series, let me give you some details. Destiny 2 is a sequel to Destiny and takes place in the future when humanity was nearly destroyed all around the Solar System. As your character recovers, the militaristic alien race called the Cabal catches humanity off guard and invades their last city on Earth. Their fearsome leader, Dominus Ghaul seeks to take the power of the Guardians (the players). You must fight to keep your city safe and keep your powers away from the beast.

Since it is made by the old developers of Halo, the setting and gameplay is quite similar to that game. It is a first-person shooter; however it is also a looter shooter. Basically, doing activities rewards you with gear to level up. The harder the activity, the better the gear. Other games that could be considered looter shooters are The Division, Borderlands 2, and Fortnite: Save the World. Destiny 2 has a lot of social aspects in it. Some activities will put you with (or against) other players. Some activities will find random players through matchmaking, while for other activities you must find them yourself. Either way, the social part of the game is massive.

The many activities in Destiny 2 vary from PvE (player vs AI controlled enemies) and PvP (player vs other players). Because of your powers and abilities, you can make your personal loadouts more diverse: from weapons, to armor, to powers. Some powers involve something as simple as wielding a flaming revolver, while others are physical, like becoming an electric missile and crashing into your enemies. Gamemodes like The Crucible resemble Halo or Call of Duty in the sense that you are facing the other players, fighting for victory. Other modes like Strikes and Raids will have you and 2-5 other players fighting the alien races around the Solar System with your team.

If you’ve already heard of Destiny 2, you’ll probably have heard about its disappointing launch. Players were saddened about the lack of content throughout the game. As the first expansion, Curse of Osiris,, came out, more players were disappointed as it was more of the same. Warmind released months later, and despite not being the greatest, it did show that Destiny 2 was going in the right direction due to a strong storyline and plenty of meaningful content.

Forsaken was the biggest expansion of Destiny 2. Not only did it introduce a stunning story, new powers were added along with changes to weapons and enemies. The storyline of Forsaken is a persisting one, meaning that every week the story will go on. With that, locations will change, different enemies will spawn, different weapons and armor will drop, and more. Because of that, Destiny 2 is always changing, allowing for a lot more possibilities whether you are new or are in the endgame.

Black Armory released December of 2018, and although people were skeptical due to poor marketing, the developers promised that the expansion would be different from the others. Black Armory was proof that there was still a story to tell and that Destiny 2 wasn’t finished yet. Although it only caters to players in the endgame, it provides sufficient content until the next expansion. Those who were craving more ways to level up and just more to do in general can go to the Lost Forges of the Black Armory to get new gear and learn the story behind the armory.

My personal experience with Destiny 2 has been great. I’ve played the Destiny series since it was released in 2014 and have enjoyed nearly all it has offered. The almost apocalyptic setting and the mystery behind the aliens, powers, and locations go well with the galactic theme of it. The grinding aspect of the game keeps it relevant and entertaining for the most part. However, the randomness of the loot has been a problem as (statistically) you could do one activity a thousand times and still not get the specific gear you want. Aside from that, the experience is great. The social aspect of the game keeps it fun as you are doing activities with friends or random people. I’ve met many friends because of the game, and that’s great.
The big question: is Destiny 2 worth buying? If you are looking for a game with a good story, lots of multiplayer aspects (from fighting other players to fighting AI), grinding gear, or just destroying aliens around the Solar System with your buddies, then yes! One of the biggest downsides is that you have to keep buying the expansions to keep up with the game, which can be costly. The game (along with the expansions) are constantly on sale though. Considering the consistent entertainment value, I think Destiny 2 is still worth buying. From my point of view, Destiny 2 has been worth the money and I suggest that you give it a try.