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Boys Basketball Faces Multiple Cancellations


The Black River Falls boys basketball team has encountered many cancellations during the second half of their 2018-19 season.

“There have been about four to five cancellations in the past couple of weeks,” said senior Ethan Bible.

The amount of time this team has to practice is running short, especially as the season is winding down.

“Well we’ve obviously missed a lot of practice like in the past three weeks or so. We’ve probably had around only two or three practices and a lot more games, so the lack of preparation for our opponents kind of puts our team at a disadvantage,” said senior Romey Wirtz.

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The multiple cancellations are due to the extreme winter weather that has been occuring in Black River Falls and surrounding areas, resulting in many snow days and the rescheduling of sporting events.

“I kinda like the cancellations I guess because there’s sometimes I don’t like playing or I don’t want to play basketball all of the time because I’m getting more worn out from playing so many games, so the break is nice,” said senior Nate Becker.

Others have different opinions on the cancellations.

“I don’t really like the cancellations just because we have to make them up at a later date and we might have a lot of games in a week with less practice. And it just becomes more of a hassle, I suppose,” said Bible.

And some are indifferent on the situation.

“Some days I just don’t really like playing  because maybe we played the night before. Sometimes the cancellations can really go your way but other times it’s kind of nice to just go out there and play and get it over with,” said Wirtz.

Considering all of the cancellations and the lack of practice these boys have had, they are still determined to well during tournament play.

“I think we’ll do good, our last game against Bangor, we really showed that we can hang with good teams so if we can keep that momentum going, we should be able to make it to the second round of the playoffs for sure and maybe if we play good enough, the third round,” said Becker.

“I think we are going to do pretty good as a team. I think we’re going to be a tough out team even though teams might not think so. We’re playing some of our best basketball right now. Our last two games we played pretty good, especially Friday against Bangor was one of our best games this year so it’s good to be playing really good basketball at the end of the year when tournament time comes,” said Bible.

“Record wise our team has kind of had a rough year but we’ve given a couple quality teams a good run for their money so when we play well, I think we can hang with a lot of good teams. Maybe once playoff and tournament play comes around, we can surprise a few teams,” said Wirtz.

Next week Tuesday, the boys basketball team heads to Altoona for the first round of playoffs. This is now the time where they have to keep winning to keep playing. These seniors must play for their season.

“Knowing that this is my last season is a little sad I mean, I’m obviously gonna miss basketball and I’ve only got one sports season left. It’s a lot of fun though, being a senior and knowing you’re playing your last season, but it’s also upsetting in a way,” said Bible.

“I’ve played basketball for a long time and obviously at the end of any senior season it sucks because you’re done playing. Basketball is one of those sports that you can continue playing after you graduate, so whether it’s intramural leagues or you’re good enough to play in college, you can continue playing after so I guess it’s no the end of the world,” said Wirtz.

“I’m sad that this is my last season, but at the same time I’m wore out so I kinda want it to be over, but it sucks knowing that I won’t be able to play Tiger basketball ever again,” said Becker.

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Boys Basketball Faces Multiple Cancellations