Musical students scramble to learn choreography in time for opening night


Ever since January many students have been working on the School’s musical production of the show “Smile.” Even with several snow days and missed practices, the show will still open Friday, March 8. Along with rehearsing lines, the cast has to learn choreography that goes along with their large group songs on stage.

“The hardest part is that a lot of the choreography is very complicated because some of the songs are really long so you just have to remember the moves and memorize the music,” said contestant Kaylana Pribbenow.

Everyone has taken the time to learn and review songs and choreography and some are still nervous for the outcome of the musical. With dedication and advice from directors, students think that they will struggle to be ready by opening night.

“I think if we work hard right now, everyone needs to focus on their individual parts. Then  we’ll be ready by opening night, but at this moment we are not,” said contestant Faith Leisgang.

There is lot more work that needs to go on before the show opens on Friday March 8. The interviewees agreed that with memorizing lines, songs, and choreography it adds up to a lot and they are very behind from all of the snow days.

“Choreography day was a crazy day it was good. It was fun. There was a lot of my friends there and stuff seemed to go smoothly. With that it’s just a bunch of extra stuff that we need to remember and make sure we perfect before the show. It’s kind of concerning,” said Leisgang.

Some recall that they weren’t really excited about the musical at first but now that they’re getting into the swing of it, they are just as excited as anyone else.

“I’m little Bobby Jo, she’s kind of the rascal of the musical. Her parents run the pageant and she ends up ruining a lot of things. I didn’t like my role in the beginning,I was expecting a larger role. But as I’m getting into character I realize that it’s kind of a fun to have a role that kind of destroys everything,” said actress Sarah Guenther.

Pribbenow agreed, at first her character wasn’t glamorous. It was portrayed as racist but with rewrites from the directors she is able to relate to and enjoy the part she was given.

“I am Maria Gonzales and in the musical she is a contestant in the pageant, she really likes cooking and it’s a part of her talent. I like the part I play, the directors and I have made some adjustments to my character and the musical itself. I think now that I’ve made Maria more appropriate, I like the part I get to play,” said Pribbenow.

As some said choreography can add a little extra stress since it has to be memorized, others say that it adds to the production as a whole. A few express their excitement about what they learned.

“For me, it was probably also learning young and American. I mean that choreography is really fun and really simple. And it just comes together really well. It’s easy enough that anyone, even girls who don’t have dance experience can learn it and do well,” said Guenther.

The production as a whole has struggled a little from all of the snow days. Making it hard to learn and memorize everything. All three agreed that it is going to take dedication and perseverance to get the production show ready, but most are willing to get it done.

“I really hope that we become ready. I know in practices, we’ve had a lot of people who are out of focus and have problems with phones and grades and stuff, but I’m hoping that people will get their act together so we can put on a good show,” said Guenther.