Tiger Investment Club makes changes

The past weeks the Tiger Investment Club (TIC) started experiencing troubles with their investments not having the performance they were hoping for. Adviser Jared Plaza and members of the Tiger Investment Club are beginning to find new ways of overcoming the decline in their stocks.

“The poor performance of the stock market really brought our value of our portfolio down, in the end of November our stocks were up around 106,000 and they had dropped to about 92,000. So looking at that, obviously we weren’t too happy about that, “ said Plaza.

With every disadvantage, the TIC still looked for the positives and realized the big picture. The stocks were going down and the club realized their positives.

“I do consider it to be a small victory for our investment club because our stocks we have invested in only dropped about 14% overall. When you compare that to the overall market, which that had fallen about 17% we had done better than the average. So there’s a silver lining,” said Plaza.

This year the club started something new than previous years, Plaza has been the advisor for the club for the past three years. Some students have more experience than others in the group, although they work together as a whole unit.

“This year the club decided to take out some money from stocks that we’ve had for a very long time. A lot of the students that we have in the club have never bought or sold any stocks. They just see the same companies we invest in, year after year. So we decided to divide up both of our Tiger Investment Club groups into groups of four or five and they researched their own stocks and they put reasons together as to why the club would benefit from buying the company,” said Plaza.

TIC does deal with real money, they occasionally use money and purchase items the club feels would be a good investment for the school. The club had their research done and the group with the most beneficial stock would be the new stock purchase from the club.

“I gave each of the groups when they were researching a budget of two hundred dollars that they could spend. So we bought about 12 or 15 new stocks this year as a company and we decided that whichever one does the best will be the one that we keep for years to come. So this will make it interesting in the end to see which stock was the most successful,” said Plaza.

It is tricky knowing what stocks to invest in, as it is unpredictable and a gamble. The Tiger Investment Club continues to stay up to date with their performance of their stocks and evaluates the market. Knowing what to do when investing your personal money can be scary and deceiving.

“My advice to people when investing is to start early. Don’t try to make a ton of money right away, but let your money work for you and definitely be patient,” said Plaza.