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Concussions causing students to struggle during school


A concussion is classified as a mild form of traumatic brain injury caused by the violent movement of the head or neck causing the brain to hit the skull. Whether it had been through sports, car accidents, or even gym, these seven students are suffering the effects of having to work through everyday life with the side-effects of a concussion.

“I got my concussion by running into a wall during gym class and got knocked unconscious and fell and hit my head again,” said junior John Kramer.

Kramer was playing matball during gym class when he slipped on a poly square and smashed his face into the bleachers, causing him to be knocked unconscious and fall and hit his head for a second time again.

“I’ve had my concussion for two weeks now, and I still can’t look at my computer screen without getting a migraine. I’ve also had one other concussion previous to this one, though,” said Kramer.

People who have had concussions before are more likely to get them again.

Not all people receive their concussions through gym class. Seniors Hunter Simonson and Chase Handly were both involved in a car accident that involved all four members in the car to be diagnosed with a concussion.

“I rolled my truck on the interstate from slipping in the wintery conditions, and we rolled into the ditch,” said Handly.

Simonson, who was also involved in the accident, suffers in school from a concussion as well.

“I’ve had my concussion for about two weeks or so. The lights really hurt my head and loud noises. People being loud also really hurts my head as well,” said Simonson.

Handly ended up smashing the cab of his truck in, while also shattering the windshield.

“I am still able to work, but working too long also gives me headaches,” said Handly.

Junior Ellie Dolesy also is suffering through a concussion that she received during hockey.

“Someone slid into my feet, and I fell backward and hit my head on the ice,” said Dolesy.

The school has also become a challenge for Dolesy every since being diagnosed. Students’ brains are still developing, making a concussion that much more traumatic. If not taken care of correctly, the brain may not develop properly. Immediate action should be taken such as staying at home and away from anything with a screen and also drinking a lot of water and eating healthy.

“It’s super hard to concentrate, and lights and noises bother me a lot as well. I’ve just been going home during practice because all the lights and the noises of the rink bother me,” said Dolesy.

Seven students are suffering from concussions currently at this school. This is hard for them to concentrate during classes and also using their laptops since everything in this school is technology-based, causing teachers to make adjustments for the students to help them do their best in school.

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Concussions causing students to struggle during school