5 Things every student needs to know about school safety


1. Teachers and staff are here because they care about students and want to keep us safe. One thing that students don’t realize is that teachers are here for them. People cannot be teachers unless they are involved with students and care about them. In case you didn’t know, teachers take some of the lowest salaries in the country to teach because they love what they do. If there is ever a time that you feel unsafe or bullied, talk to a teacher about it. They are here to help educate you and help you through the hard times because they care.

2. Students and staff need to be informed of the school’s safety and lockdown policies.

The district has been following a specific training guideline for a number of years. In the case of an active shooter, or threat patrons at the high school are instructed to follow the A.L.I.C.E. training. Alice stands for this in no particular order but in the event, everyone needs to remain Alert and alert others. Lockdown, if that is safe and necessary (if the threat is nearby and you can not escape.) Inform, if there is something that you or others know about the situation don’t be afraid to speak up. Counter, if you are ever in a threatening position you need to start to counter the attack. Throwing objects around or especially at the person to distract them from their target. The last letter in the acronym is Evacuate. If you are in the position to do so, LEAVE. Don’t stop to grab anything or anyone. Your own safety is your number one priority, get out and stay safe.

3. If you have a concern about school safety let someone know right away.
Teachers really do care about what you feel and say. If you notice something or someone at school that is just not right. Whether it be behavior-wise or something random, please let someone know sooner rather than later. Any information is helpful and can be used to prevent these terrible and sad occurrences. Along with this be kind! You don’t know where other students are coming from, what their home life is like, or if they are just having a bad day. Make it a point to be kind to everyone anywhere at any time. That can be hard but in the end, people will remember how kind you were, and it can change their whole outlook on their day.

4. The school district is working hard to keep improving the safety at school for students. The Black River Falls school district earned two rounds of grants for all of their schools. Combined the grants total up to more than $174,00. The first round is to improve the infrastructure of all district buildings, improving security cameras getting alerts when any outside doors are opened and also using these funds to buy shatter-resistant films for all exterior windows. The second round of the grants is for training. Threat assessment and how to evaluate the level of the threat and moving forward with that. Increasing the number of handheld radios that are available, things that will improve communication in our school. In January Deputy Nosbisch will be doing a walkthrough of the building to turn in a safety report to the state.

5. When we have drills we are preparing for rare occurrences. We always have fire drills, but the school is not burning down every other week.
While approaching this remember that there is nothing to be afraid of. We train for these rare occurrences and they are just that. Rare. These drills do need to be taken seriously, but the likeliness of an event like this is very slim. Trust the administration and your teachers, they always want to do what will be best for you.