Inservice continues learning

Although it may seem like just a few days off for students, teacher in-services are important days for the staff here at Black River Falls High School as the staff meet to learn about teaching methods and improve the school.

Jared Plaza from the math department is one of the many teachers present during the teacher-inservice.

“Teachers look at data among the school, discuss different policies, meet as departments as all staff, and discuss what is happening in all corners of the building,” Plaza said.

Although he wasn’t allowed to discuss certain things, he was allowed to discuss a few things concerning teacher in-service and some of the data that is looked at.

“Some things I can tell is how lunch and learn is going, student handbook policies, and various test score data,” Plaza said.

“We get a lot of things accomplished when we work together on days like these.”

“We have a terrific staff who works very hard for the betterment of the whole school,” he said.

Adam Kaszubowski, another teacher from the math department, has details about teacher in-service and what it’s purpose is for him and other teachers.

“The most useful item with teacher in-service is that teachers get time to learn a new practice or skill,” Kaszubowski said.

“To get time to reflect on how we teach, and the to try a new practice or skill in our work.”

The time for inservice is great “for teachers to get better at teaching” Kaszubowski said.

“As teachers improve, so will students.”

Social Studies teacher Paul Rykken is another of many teachers that go to school during the days of in-service.

“In general, teacher in-service days are very helpful,” Rykken said.

“We always have a lot of things to accomplish, and teaching is complicated.”

He said the in-services are most useful when they “zero in on what we do in our classrooms” and that they “need to be practical.”

“We have many things to think about at once and in-service days give us a chance to drill down in areas we need work on.”