Changes For Madrigal

Madrigal was an annual renaissance-themed play/dinner scheduled for December 8 and was definitely a different experience this year.

There were a few changes to the overall dinner. The changes lie within the roles costume changes.

“Because we have a smaller senior class that only includes one guy chorus member, the scriptwriters had to be creative with the storyline and create something that made sense for our situation, ” said Walker.

The court consists of a king, a queen, then the princes and princesses.
“I feel like the juniors do have a right to be on court, but it’s just not the same. It’s definitely going to be different, but it’s still going to be Madrigal,” said sophomore choir student Alysia Bailey.

Beside allowing others students to be on the court, there is now a new scene at this performance that has never been seen within this performance before. This year, to add more of an eye-grabbing effect, there will be a dance that is performed by the enchantresses.

“I wanted just to have something new and exciting for Madrigal that no one has seen before,” said Wojtalewicz

Eric Wojtalewicz is the student who had written and choreographed this new scene. As the time for Madrigal gets closer and closer, Wojtalewicz has been practicing with the girls playing the enchantresses during choir, and sometimes during lunch and learn as well to ensure that everything is perfect for the performance.

“I think that the practices have been going a lot better than what I really thought, and all of the girls have been really confident, which is a plus,” said Wojtalewicz.

In this dance, there will be a mix of different cultural dances, such as Chinese, Native American, and also Hindu. There is also a section where the enchantresses will be choosing one of themselves to be a goddess. Lily Krause was the selected enchantress to lead her fellow enchantresses.

“I’m really excited to do the solo. I feel really confident with it. It’s not something that I would normally do, but I think it’s a fun new experience,” said Krause.

Another simple change to the enchantresses is their costumes. The costumes that been used for many years do not fit with the vision that Wojtalewicz had in mind. According to Wojtalewicz, the costumes that they have are in great condition, but they just don’t go with the message that he was trying to send. They were also harder to do the dance in because there is so much movement and the costumes would have just kept getting in the way.

“It’s been really hard trying to find new costumes, but I’m trying the best that I can. I just hope that the girls will be able to move really well in them, and that they look the part for their roles,” said Wojtalewicz.

Madrigal is an event for all, it contains humor, creativity, food, and many different scenes. There is much that will be happening, and there will be no dull moments, according to Walker.

“The Madrigal dinner is a whimsical and fun festival, the students put in a tremendous amount of work and dedication when it comes to learning the music, designing costumes, writing the script, and memorizing lines,” said Walker.