Students honored at October breakfast


October students of the month honored.

In order to recognize students for their work in the classroom, the high school hosted a Student Of The Month breakfast meeting on October 17 to be able to make sure that the 10 selected students were remembered for their working abilities.

Each month of the school year, the school lets teachers from each department select students that they believe go above the normal student standards. If someone were to be selected they  most likely showed some of these skills: leadership, being able to help others, always being positive/ good attitude, honesty and growth in the classroom.

“Through the years, the “best” students tend to get recognized in just another way again,” said English teacher Suzanne Anderson.

The event gives teachers a chance to spotlight students that deserve recognition for their hard work. Students chosen as a student of the month prove their worthiness in different ways.

“I personally believe in recognizing growth. For example, an A student can maintain an A without learning anything new if he or she already knows the information being taught, ” Anderson said.

While most of the time, the students that get selected feel proud of themselves for being selected for this event, it also shows students that teachers do indeed pay attention to their students, even if it doesn’t seem like they are. It touches the hearts of some students when they hear the good things that teachers say about them.

“ I don’t think it changed much of how I work in the classroom. But it makes me feel pretty good because out of everyone in all of the classes, he decided to choose me for what I have been doing in class,” said student of the month for the Agriculture Department Keara Wallace.

Sophomore Alexander Emerson believe being selected for student of the month was a good opportunity. Emerson said that it made him want to strive more in his academics just in order to be recognized for his abilities to be able to improve his working skills, and for his hard work as well.

“The concept of “Student of the Month” originated with recognizing students who show improvement to encourage educational growth,” Anderson said.

The students of the month for the month of September:

Business Department: Brett Jansen, SPED: Brian Higuet, Social Studies Department: Genesis Cernick, Music Department: Matthew Jacobs, Physical Education: Mckenna Aldach, Math Department: Isabella Cowles, Agriculture Department; Keara Wallace, Science Department; Abby Ross, Athletic Department; Celina Hall, English Department; Alexander Emerson