No DJ for homecoming dance

With music played on a phone, the Homecoming dance is going to sound different now that pep club advisor, Laura Christenson, opted to go without a DJ at the dance. 

“This usually falls as a big wedding season, and unfortunately there’s a lot of weddings around the area. So, the DJ company I typically will go through was already booked up,” said Christenson. 

Students this year will get the opportunity to send the pep club some of the songs they love listening to. Not every song is appropriate for school, though, and Christenson realizes that. 

“Typically I will look at playing the radio version, but I’m not going to make it super clean because I know if I do, the students are still going to scream out the swear words anyways,” said Christenson. 

This year’s homecoming dance is going to be an experiment since this is the first year that the school has not hired a DJ.