A Period of Preparation: Guidance Office Update

The administration and the guidance office are continuing to put together students’ 2010-2011 schedules.

“The goal was to get them out mid-March, but now we are aiming to get them out by April 12,” said guidance counselor Susan Leadholm.

Once students receive their schedules, they are encouraged to look them over and talk to the guidance office if they have any questions.

Along with preparing students’ schedules, the guidance office wants to ensure that all juniors are aware of the upcoming ACT test dates. There are two test dates left this year: April 10 and June 12. To prepare, students can utilize ACTstudent.org, knowhow2go.org and makingitcount.com. These sites provide useful tips and practice tests for students. Juniors should also be aware that the last chance to sign up for the June 12 ACT is May 7.