Alice in Wonderland: More than beats watching the audience

Helena Bonham Carter stars in "Alice in Wonderland." (Courtesy Disney Enterprises, Inc./MCT)

My favorite part of going to a movie isn’t the funny part when everyone laughs at or the end credits. It’s when that one person who’s sick and tired of the previews yells, “Get on with the movie!”

However, when I went to see Alice in Wonderland, the entire movie topped that moment. The movie begins at a surprise party Alice thinks is a normal party, but really it’s her engagement party. When her fiance-to-be asks her to marry him, she spots a white rabbit wearing a blue coat staring at her, pointing to his clock. She follows the rabbit and falls down a giant rabbit hole winding up in the magical world of Wonderland.

There she finds herself in more stress: She has to kill the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky so Wonderland can return to its normal order. However, Alice can’t find it in her heart to kill the brutal creature.

┬áTim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was so amazing that I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the movie. It’s definitely one of his best movies by far. He is very talented in taking children’s stories and turning them into amazing top box office movies . Every fairytale should have an epic battle scene like the one between the Red and White Queens’ minions

There is nothing that can top the Mad Hatter’s dance called “The Futterwacken.” Johnny Depp played his part very well and makes me ask the question: Is there any role Depp can’t play?

Alice in Wonderland is a definite must-see.

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