Lunch For All

The daily ritual of lunch; get in line, grab your milk, put in your number, get your food, sit down and eat. All within 30 minutes.

I’ve had it, you’ve had, we’ve all had school lunch at some point in our school year lives. Elementary years we didn’t notice if the food was good or bad; it was just food. Middle school it was still food because we were growing children who loved to eat. The taste came, but after we ate our food.

Now we are in High School and the bell rings for lunch. Will lunch be different than normal? Wait, what is for lunch?

We find out what is for lunch and within seconds we decide if it’s good or bad food, after trying everything at least once, and this decision puts us in a line. The normal lunch line, or the grab and go line.

How the food tastes is all a matter of perception. I might think it tastes good, while the person sitting next to me doesn’t, or vice versa. But on most cases majority rules on some of the less liked dishes and the best liked dishes.

On the lesser side there is the meatloaf and the variations of the dish. On the better side there is strombolli; causing some students to get quad lunches.

One lunch I don’t understand is the bosco bread. Supposedly the new and improved italian dunkers, but I really don’t see how that it is. Yes, they are bigger and kind of look the same, but they have no flavoring. They taste like a hunk of wheat.

The school is getting all these different variations of these foods that have always worked in the past. The cheese, chips, italian dunkers, the milk, cheesesticks (that were put back to normal).

As we progress through high school, we learn what’s good, what we like and what we don’t, and for some how much food is capable of fitting into their stomachs.

Lunch is always there and is always going to be there. What we eat and how much we eat of it, that changes.