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Waters Sparked By Magic

Social Studies and Economics teacher Kris Wrobel’s magic tricks sparked interest in sophomore Nicolai Waters’ eyes.

“My mom got me a magic kit when I was younger. I tried doing that, and I kind of gave up on it, but seeing Mr. Wrobel do card tricks and stuff kind of reconfigured me. Like, the amazement was really the biggest thing,” said Waters.

When Waters has a new trick, he’ll speak up and ask Wrobel to perform one in front of the class.

“If there’s a minute or two at the end of a class or something sometimes I’ll have Nicolai say, ‘Hey, I have a trick, can I show it?’ and depending on what the plan is for the day we try to give him an opportunity to encourage his work. He’s doing a great job, too,” said Wrobel.

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Not only does performing tricks bring joy and wonder to people, Wrobel says it is a great way to learn some great skills.

“There’s a few other students that have also been working at some magic. It takes a lot of work to do that, too. I think it has you practice your ability to speak in front of a group and put together a routine. There’s a lot of reading and research into what the trick is and the techniques, so I think there’s a lot of good skills there.” said Wrobel.

Waters learns new tricks quite often and knows when to practice and get it down just right.

“When I do learn harder tricks it’s like, okay, you’ve got to get on the grind and really pay attention and get it down with the movements of your hands. It’s really a struggle learning some things, but I like that,” said Waters.

Learning new tricks is a great way to pass time or to have something to do with free time.

“It kind of gives me something to do when I’m at home. I’ll just hop on YouTube look up some new card tricks,” said Waters.

Learning tricks may be somewhat easy; however, performing them can be a challenge.

“I mess up all the time. I do them like one hundred and thirty times at home, get them down perfect then go into class like ‘yeah I got this new awesome trick’ and mess up. Cards stick together or you can lay down one too many,” said Waters.

Even though Waters messes up, he never gives up.

“I just keep trying. If I mess up I usually go back to my desk and do it a couple of times like I kind of go through the cards and see where I messed up and just what I could do better,” said Waters.

Magic brings this special minute of joy to those who perform. A minute where everyone is amazed.

“I like that it creates wonder. It creates that minute. It’s about going back to that time when anything was possible. That feeling of being amazed is what I like creating for people even just for a second makes me feel good,” said Wrobel.

Wrobel had better explained just what magic is about and that it’s not about tricking anyone.

“Magic is not about trying to fool people; it is about entertaining people and trying to get people to say ‘wow! That’s really cool’ just for that one moment. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about the ‘ha ha! I got ya!’ and it’s not a puzzle. It’s to add wonder,” said Wrobel.

Even when messing up, Waters appreciates the support and advice from his classmates and Wrobel.

“I like how Mr. Wrobel a lot of times gives his advice on things on how to do better, so it’s nice. It keeps me going,” said Waters.

A fellow student, Mackenzie Lamp, had added how this is a great hobby for Waters.

“It gives him something to do. It’s productive and its fun for him and Mr. Wrobel is very kind and often coaches Nicolai and gives him advice,” said Lamp.

Wrobel had given some advice to Waters and any other aspiring magicians.

“Keep working at it and enjoy the journey. Practice, practice, practice and try to bring that joy of wonder and amazement to other people. That’s what’s really fun,” said Wrobel.

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Waters Sparked By Magic