Changes in store for Tiger’s Den


The Tiger Den at the Black River Falls is busy getting a lot of business, but will it change during school remodeling?

Tina Gilbertson and the employees have really worked hard with trying to get busy business.

Black River Falls Senior Hannah Shankey plays a role in keeping the school store in line.

“Some positive things about being a school store manager would be seeing the school, clubs, and some sports benefit from the profit of the store. The downside would be cleaning it, and having to make several trips to Burnstads for pick up,” said Shankey.

Hannah is the school manager of the store and is very helpful when she is needed.

Some advice she would give the future managers or workers would be: “Be ready to devote a lot of your time driving to Burnstads, and enjoy the new school store!”

Tina Gilbertson has seen a lot of change over the years with the Tiger Den.

“Since the opening of the Tiger’s Den the student managers and advisers have spent countless hours trying to assess the preferences of the customer while also optimizing the profit for the groups earning the profits from sales,” said Gilbertson.

The Black River Falls High School is going to be in the remodeling process coming up this March.

The school store will be in a new location due to the remodeling of the school.

“The Tiger’s Den will housed in the new Lunda Community Center. There will also be a smaller concessions/school store here at the high school. We are excited about both new locations, however, I’m sure we will run into a few “snags” in the process of re-establishing our set up,” said Gilbertson.

Tom Chambers the Black River Falls Principal states, “For the students that are involved in the running of the Tiger Den, I want them to learn business skills, learn management skills, and organization skills. Also for the students to benefit by having some nice snacks and apparel, t-shirts, hats things like that.”