Garvin to wrestle at Kohl Center today

IMG_2909Junior Gary Garvin qualified on Saturday for the 285 pound weight class in the 2015 WIAA State wrestling match, and his first match happens tonight.

Garvin has been working towards this goal and dreaming of it since he was four years old, and his accomplishment is nothing short of satisfying.

“I always used to look at the place reserved for state qualifiers outside of the Sam Young Gymnasium when I was young and would always look with admiration to those people, and I am finally one of them. Ever since I won the match to qualify, I have been floating on a cloud of jubilance,” said Garvin.

Garvin has worked hard his whole season to meet this goal, and his determination and hard work has paid off for him.

“After winning the third place match, my emotions got the best of me. My body started to shake, and I got choked up. I turned and greeted my coaches with a hug, and then the tears came. They were tears of pride. Tears of achievement. Tears of fulfillment. We moved into the hallway, followed by the rest of the BRF crew, and the tears just kept coming,” said Garvin.

Garvin’s coach, Steven Markee, expressed his excitement for Garvin.

“We are all very proud of Gary and the effort he has put in to get to where he is today. We are nervous, but confident at the same time. I know that Gary will do his best and win or lose, he will accept it like a champion and great sport,” said Markee.

Garvin knows his competition will be tough, but that is not stopping him from going in with confidence and pride.

“The biggest thing that I feel will be essential is my mental preparation and my attitude coming into State. This tournament will be hard, but no matter what the outcome, I am soaking up the experience as one to remember,” said Garvin.

Follow along with live results starting at 7:15 this evening. It’s estimated his first match will begin between 8:30 and 9 p.m.