Seniors set sights on new horizons

Seniors have been working hard since their childhood and are ready to take the next step and start their careers, but first it’s time finish what they’ve started: their educations.

Senior Jacky Lin is going to be attending UW-Madison next fall. He is ready to start the next step in his life.

“As of now, I think I want to pursue a medical career; possibly pharmaceutical,” said Lin.

As a kid his dreams were different. “As a kid, I really wanted to be an “inventor” a.k.a engineer. I wanted to build stuff from scratch and make a name for myself,” said Lin.

Lin said he is just looking forward to summer and spending time with his friends before they all go their separate directions. But as for college he just wants to enjoy it and start his next milestone in life.

“As for college, I want to make new friends and just take in all that Madison has to offer,” said Senior Jacky Lin.

Other seniors know what they for sure want to do and are excited about doing it.

Senior Tiffany Gorski will be attending Le Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I am getting my associates degree in patisserie and baking. After I finish the program I am hoping to either go into owning my own business or working under someone in the culinary field,” said Gorski.

When she was younger she knew that she wanted to go to a college and go into something that she loved doing.

“When I was younger I always told myself that I would go to some type of college. I always told myself that I wouldn’t go into a job field that wasn’t something I absolutely loved doing.”

She is excited about taking the next step in her life and is looking forward to moving forward.

“I can not wait to go to college and get away from small town talk and small town boredom. I am looking forward to walking into a store, seeing someone and them not knowing who I am and most likely never seeing me again. College is a fresh start, nobody knows you, nobody talks behind your back, and if people do nobody even cares,” said Gorski.