BRFHS holds American Red Cross Blood Drive

Black River Falls High School held the American Red Cross Blood Drive, where students and staff took the time out to donated blood.

Junior Ally Waughtal was one of the first in line that morning to give blood.

“I really enjoy donating blood because it is a really special gift that you can give to someone. It is a part of you that you can give to someone in need. Surgeries from accidents and other things are happening 24/7 and these innocent people are fighting for their lives. I think it is really cool it be able to help them and change their lives in a positive way,” said Waughtal.

According to FCCLA’s members Kristen John and Sabrina Gunning, the blood drive was a success this year. There were 69 total pints donated this year and seven people who were able to donate double. Junior Jack Chrest was one of those double donors.

“My mom is a nurse over at the Mayo Clinic in Tomah. From listening to her and knowing her different experiences, I know how important it is to have blood on supply for blood transfusions. I personally don’t think there are enough blood donors today, and I think more people should be involved with this great way to give to others.”

“When I give double, I know that I have done everything that I can to help those in need. I am currently on my second year of donating blood and each time I have given double, just because I think that is the right thing to do. The next time my mom comes home and talks about it, I can smile and say that I was a part of saving those lives that she sees every day,” said Chrest.

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency help, disaster relief, and education inside the United States. On average, almost 20% of the millions donation that come across the American Red Cross are from high school blood drives. The organization relies on volunteers to donate, and Junior Matt Bronson’s grandparents are long-time donors.

“You often hear about people who have been in accidents or older people who have had surgeries that need blood transfusions. Well, my grandparents are the opposite. They actually used to frequently donate blood to the American Red Cross and was always a big thing that they used to do. Now that they are older and they have been donating less and less. Since I grew up knowing the ins and outs of donating, I thought I would give it a shot too. It feels good to follow in their footsteps.” said Bronson.

During the blood drive, the students and staff saved up to 300 lives. The next one will be held on February 13, 2015.