Wojciechowski Resigns

Science teacher Donna Wojciechowski is leaving Black River Falls High school after 9 and a half  years.

“I am not retiring, but I am hoping to work closer to home.  My family and time with them is the number one reason why I am hoping to work closer to home,” said Wojciechowski.

She has left a very exceptional impact on the students here.

“Her upbeat attitude and the way that she can make light of a difficult situation. She has a very caring and genuine heart,” said senior Emily Stewart.

“I will miss her enthusiasm for physics and all the other classes she teaches,” said senior David Gorski

Emily Stewart has taken her chemistry class and physics class, she was also her teacher’s assistant.

“She teaches in a variety of  ways. I know that each student learns in a different way, and the way that she incorporates technology, along with, in person lecturing really helps to cater to each student’s learning style,” said Stewart.

Wojciechowski has really enjoyed working here, from the students to the staff.

“I will miss the kids —- yep, my mother hen instincts will need to find an outlet.  I will miss our great staff here at the high school.  These teachers and staff really care about the students and that is soooo important,” said Wojciechowski.