Seniors Transition from High School


Senior Miranda Jessie was accepted at the UW- Eau Claire.

Senior Miranda Jessie was accepted at the UW- Eau Claire.
Senior Miranda Jessie was accepted at the UW- Eau Claire.

As the Class of 2014 prepares to graduate, students are constantly asked about their plans after graduation. This spring, seniors will part and go their separate ways both near and far away from home.

“Iowa State University will be my new home for the next 6 to 8 years as I pursue my childhood dream of getting my PHD in the veterinary science field. Iowa State is the most prestigious of all veterinary school and I am ready to take on all the challenge that comes with attaining my degree,” said Taylar Dalbec.

Challenge is just the beginning for another senior; six years is half the time he will endure.

“In the fall of 2014, I will be attending the UW- Eau Claire majoring in business and administration and then start on my journey of becoming an anesthesiologist. It will take 12 years to get there, but I am looking forward to the challenge,” said Dominic Vase.

An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who gives epidurals and anesthesia to patients in pain or before beginning surgery. Vase will start his future in Eau Claire and transfer to a larger medical school to complete his degree. Like Vase, other current seniors have plans before getting their degrees.

“My career of choice is to be a criminal investigator, but first I am going to attaining my degree in early childhood education from Gateway Technical College, in Kenosha. Helping out my community and making a difference is what I look forward to the most,” said Kaitlyn Johnson.

Johnson took classes throughout high school and earned her certification as an Early Childhood Teachers Assistant which allows her to work with children in child care centers. Taking classes in high school also inspired another senior.

“I was first introduced to Ho-Chunk 1 as a class; it has influenced my decision for future plans. My plan after high school is to take a year off and work with multiple companies on different projects. I aspire to go into language tutoring, specifically Ho-Chunk.   I’m also looking towards majoring in history or political science at the UW- Eau Claire in the fall of 2015,” said William Mackenzie.

Like Mackenzie, many seniors are working toward interesting jobs.

“My dream job is to become the General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. I would certainly like to have a business or statistics career with some sports organization in some capacity. This profession is most likely different from many other students. There is only one General Manager for each MLB baseball organization, so it is not a highly populated job,” said Ethan Young.

A general manager is the business executive who puts together the roster of players and overseas the personnel. Rosters are one way to get involved in college whether it be in football, like Young at UW- La crosse, or Tennis and Track at the UW- Stevens Point.

“I am cannot wait to expand my knowledge and meet many new people at the UW- Stevens Point. I will be on the track and tennis teams while working toward my degree in Interior Architecture and Business Administration. I will be very busy in college doing two sports and classes so using my time efficiently will require planning on my part but I am excited,” said Abbey Johnson.

Another way to get involved in college is through music.

“I am eager to take part in orchestra and choirs at the UW- Eau Claire, in addition to majoring in English to become a teacher. I am looking forward to getting to work with future students and to be doing something that I enjoy,” said Katherine Hegna.

Enjoying what you do is an important aspect in choosing a career. College is not the interest of everyone.

“After high school I am joining the army to become an Airborne Ranger with hopes of becoming part of the Green Beret special forces of the Army. I am very excited about my future and the brotherhoods I will make through my endeavors,” said Austin Brown.

Whether it is near, or far, college, workforce, or military, the future graduates have plans for their futures and can now answer the most asked question of senior year. “What are you doing after high school?”