Dairy Way: The Secret is in the Ice Cream


The Peanut Butter Parfait is one of the many ice cream treats at Dairy Way.

The Peanut Butter Parfait is one of the many ice cream treats at Dairy Way.
The Peanut Butter Parfait is one of the many ice cream treats at Dairy Way.

Dairy Way delivers the most sought out food item that community members crave for the summer.  For many people, like sophomore Jenna Bunde, ice cream defines Dairy Way.

“I think that ice cream defines Dairy Way.  I always get a Heath Flurry. My dad had it one time and I tried a bite and fell in love with it,” said Bunde.

Dairy Way is known for its many varieties of ice cream.  The most popular kind of ice cream is  a chocolate and vanilla twist, but there are many other flavors.

“I like the Flavor Burst with Krunch on it.  My little brother had the Orange Flavor Burst and I tried it and really liked it so I decided to try them all.  I don’t always get it when I go to Dairy Way.  I try to get something new every time I go there,” said senior Cheyenne Iverson.

Dairy Way makes their ice cream through a special process and add toppings that go with each flavor.

“I can’t say a whole lot because it is a secret.  I can say that we put the ice cream in the machine and cool the liquid ‘ice cream’ into a more of a solid form,” said Bailey.

Despite the ice cream being popular, Dairy Way has other food items on the menu such as burgers and cheese curds.  The variety of foods help customers who are lactose intolerant like junior Amara Baker.

“I look forward to Dairy Way because they have really good food.  I can’t eat ice cream, so when I go with friends or family I generally buy something off the food menu.  I don’t really have a favorite [food item], but I do really like their hot ham and cheese sandwiches,” said Baker.

With its variety of food and ice cream, many people think that these items define Dairy Way.  Senior Zachary Bailey, who also works at Dairy Way, thinks similarly.

“I agree that people describe Dairy Way as a place to go and get some great ice cream.  The ice cream is good and so is the food.  The employees are friendly.  But with the big ice cream cone on the top of the building, ice cream is why most people come to Dairy Way,” said Bailey.

However, sophomore Darien Lowe thinks something else is the defining factor of Dairy Way.

“I think the workers make Dairy Way different from other restaurants by being more free spirited, but also still staying serious and responsible when you need to be. We always have fun while working even though it gets stressful sometimes,” said Lowe.

With ice cream as a defining character of Dairy Way, customers need to be quick to get their favorite treat.

“We are only open six months of the year so there is only a certain time window you can get D-Way ice cream,” said Bailey.