Baseball Season Can Take Toll on Body

Baseball players endure a very long season that take a toll on their body dealing with injuries ranging from sore legs to sore arms, and every knick and bruise they encounter on a day to day basis.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, from the ages 5 years old to 14 years old, 110,000 kids have been treated in a hospital’s emergency room from injuries from baseball. Baseball also has the highest fatality rate than any other sport. On average, three to four kids die every year from a baseball injury.

Two of the most common injuries that kids can endure during a long season are sprains and strains which can cause kids to miss some time from their respective sporting event, reports the University of Rochester Medical Center.

“I would say the most common injuries in baseball are usually arm injuries. The rotator cuff and the elbow can get hurt very easily if they are not taken care of properly,” said Jake Dalhke

The high school baseball team goes through a daily routine consisting of running, resistance arm bands and a throwing progression that helps prevent arm soreness and injury.

“This is the reason why we warm up and do our band stretches before we throw everyday, if we did not do these things, just about everyone player’s arm would be hurt,” said Dalhke.

Also the WIAA limits the number of innings a pitcher and can pitch in a three day period. The number of innings they can pitch is seven innings in a three day span.

“I really limit their pitch count at the beginning of the season and gradually increase it as their rotator cuff gets stronger and more stretched out during the season,” said Dalhke.