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Graduation Parties: Personalize, plan, and have fun


DSC_0073With only 7 weeks left before graduation, the race to plan a party that stands out is on.

Both students and parents are preparing in different ways. But according to parent Andrea Hoffman, making it personal is an important thing to keep in mind.

“Make it so it seems like YOUR graduation party instead of just A graduation party,” said Hoffman.


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Time and Location

Planning the time and location of a graduation party can be difficult for some. Senior Emily Hammes decided on her location in hopes that more people would attend.

“I live far out of town, so I figured if it was in town, more people would come,” said Hammes.

Senior Paige Fisher also had plans to hold her graduation in town.

“We were going to do it at the Lunda Park shelter, and then my mom said we might at well do it at home because it is less clean up, and we don’t have to spend the extra cash.”

Fisher is also worried about the date and time of her party.

“I feel like I am conflicting with other peoples graduation parties. It is going to be hard to get to all of them.”


The Menu

The menu for a graduation party can sometimes be the favorite part to plan for. But it can also be the most time consuming. Some graduates prefer to go the more traditional route, with sandwiches and chips like Fisher.

But some might prefer to go a little less traditional, like Hammes, who is having tacos at her party.

“I figured it would be easier, and not so generic. A lot of people do hamburgers, hotdogs, or barbeque. I figured tacos would be more exciting,” said Hammes. “We are ordering a lot of our food through Repetes, because it is cheaper, and my mom works there.”

The Finishing Touch

With some graduations parties only months away, planners are  feeling the pressure to get things done.

“To me, calling, ordering, and setting stuff up isn’t a big deal. It’s the personal stuff, like the scrapbooks and pictures.That to me is more stressful,” said Hoffman.

“I am a little worried about getting graduation invites done and deciding how I want them to look,” said Fisher.

But Fisher has a system to make sure she gets things done.

“I set deadlines, when I want to have stuff done so it is all ready.”

Graduation is also a great time to celebrate with friends and family.

“I want to celebrate graduating high school and starting a new chapter in my life,” said Hammes.

For some, graduation parties are the only chance students get to see their extended family. “It’s nice to have family all together. A lot of times you don’t see  your family besides at these big events,” said Hoffman.

With all the planning, it can be easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. But Fisher is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Do what you like. It’s your party, you should do what you want,” said Fisher.

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Graduation Parties: Personalize, plan, and have fun