Students Party After Prom

After all the pictures have been snapped, dinner has been eaten, and the dance has been danced, the real question is “What are you doing after prom?”

While prom is on Saturday, many people after the dance haven’t made plans. Most of the kids just “go with the flow,” and see what everyone else is doing.

“After prom I will probably see what my friends are doing and maybe go hang out with them, but most likely I will just go home and maybe watch a movie or something and then go to sleep, ” said Tyler Rush.

“I honestly have no idea what I am doing after prom. I am just going to see what my friends are doing after the dance,” said Matthew LaFaunge.

Then there are the people who have everything planned out. So when the dance comes to the end, they know where they are going and they want what they are doing.

“There is a party at our house after the dance, that is all I know,” said Laura Meszynski.

At the end of the dance, the main thing is that people know where you are and your friends and family know you are safe.

“I will be going to an after party somewhere!” said MacKenzie Hoeschele.

When the day everyone looks forward to, comes to a close, the one thing everyone wants is for the kids to be safe. The kids should always have a plan and know what they are doing after the dance.