2015 Prom Put on Budget

The junior class has been using past year’s decorations and making them into their own. They have been building things for the prom theme, Glow in the Dark, which was voted on by the junior class.

“Having Amy as prom advisor has really helps out,” said court member Hanna Hodge.

The Prom advisor, Amy Koboski, has also been working behind the scenes and with the court, according to court member Lionel Sanchez.

Koboski told has been with the Lunda Theater for approximately 7 years. Koboski also serves as the Lunda Theater Coordinator.

“We have been using the resources that the theater has to be able to build an awesome stage for the kids to have their pictures taken on, and we have also used some of our own items to create lighted columns for on the stage during grand march,” said Koboski.

Amy has been a big help this year, especially with the prom budget. She donated some money for the class to be able to get a tunnel to enter the gym. She also donates her time either to prom decorating or to building things with the court or her husband.

“We are using everything! Even things from two years ago,” said prom court member Karly Tennant.

They have been using theater props from the musical and stuff from the past proms, but everything that they will use will look different, says Hodge.

Because junior class are on budget for this year’s prom, they can not get the little extra things such as little gift bags for everyone who attends prom says Koboski. She said that we were not missing out on anything, other than gift bags for the people who attended, which she thought would be a fun idea. But she said with building everything it sure has been saving us a whole lot of money!

This year court is Karly Tennant paired up with Elijah Parker, Hanna Hodge paired up with Roger Jessie, Hannah Shankey paired up with Peyton Overlien, Breanna Krause-Huser paired up with Ryan Millis, Tori Miller paired up with Lionel Sanchez, Riley Emerson paired up with Mitchell Gjerseth, and Jenny Malchow paired up with Matthew Lafaunge. The court comes in every Saturday to help get the stage and the gym decorated.

Prom is being held on Saturday in the Middle School Gym at 8 pm. Grand March will be held in the theater at 7 pm.