3-20 Students Prepare for District Solo and Ensemble [Photo Gallery]


On Saturday, Mar.22, district Solo and Ensemble will be held in Tomah. Participants will be performing music for judges, either vocally or through use of an instrument. Performances may be either alone or in a group of 2 or more, including various ensembles and groups. Those who perform a Class A Piece — the most advanced offered — will have the chance of advancing to the State level.

It’s been a busy year for some, and it leads to a bit of nervousness for those performers who’ve had trouble balancing everything.

“It kind of took awhile to select my pieces, because not only was I catching up on homework but I had the musical. After the musical was done I had time to get my pieces, but I only had two weeks. Like, two weeks to practice,” said senior Joseph Barnett.

Despite this, Choir Director Gillian Pacetti had nothing but good things to say regarding her own feelings on how Solo and Ensemble would go.

“I’m excited, and everyone’s really prepared. It’s going to be a great day.”