Students unsure of ISS effectiveness

IMG_1738Some students are concerned about the effectiveness of in school suspension.

ISS is a place that is supposed to be for students to go to when they need to step out of class. Some students are sent there for the whole day for behavioral issues, and some are there for other reasons.

“People come in for a variety of different reasons. Some students are in there for disciplinary reasons, some come in when they are having a bad day for some reason. Each student gets handled just a little bit differently,” said ISS  coordinator Richard Zarovy.

Some students are concerned if it is as effective as it should be. Senior Taylar Dalbec has her doubts.

“I hear people say that it is just a way to get out of class, and they are happy they get out of normal class for awhile,” said Dalbec.

ISS will remain as is until administration decides to makes changes.