Students Consider Their Electives

Untitled-3How did you select your electives this year?

A. The elective helps you explore career options.
B. The elective prepares you for your chosen career.
C. You enjoy the subject area of the elective.
D. The elective is easy.

You should have chosen B for your answer to this question.

Electives are extremely important and students should be taking them seriously. You do have to take certain elective classes to graduate, but many of the other electives are not required for graduation, and they are just as important.

Many students try to sign up for electives that will help them better themselves, but all people seem to hear about is students signing up for easy classes just to give them a break and less work. That isn’t the case with many students. A recent poll of 106 students revealed that only four students chose an elective because it’s easy. This means that many students really do care about the classes they take and want to better themselves.

This is great for BRFHS. It means that the school has many driven students who want to do well after high school. Students who know what they would like to do after high school are able to prepare themselves by taking electives that other students do not have to take. One open answer response from a student demonstrated this.

“I took Architecture 1 and Drafting because I am thinking about becoming an architect,” said one respondent.

This student’s response shows exactly how electives should be used. If this student is absolutely sure that they want to become an architect, then they do not need to take a lot of classes that have nothing to relate with architecture.

This is how most students felt about electives. Out of the same group of 106 students, most of the students said that choosing an elective that prepares you for your career is the most important factor in deciding what electives to take. Taking an elective that helps you explore career options came in second. This option for choosing electives allows students to possibly change what field they want to go into and by taking a diverse set of electives, students can experience subjects they may have never thought of. Enjoyment of the subject area came in third. This means that students like taking classes they enjoy over classes that are easy. This is good because it means students do not necessarily want the easy A, but actually want to enjoy the class.

This poll shows that BRFHS is on its way to having a great student body. The more students take their classes seriously, the better the school will be and the better reputation the school will get.