Show Some Respect

If a teacher is making it their goal to give you the best education they can, students should show them respect.

When you walk into a freshmen classroom, what do you see? Probably a few students doing their work, a few students talking to each other, and maybe one student in particular making a scene. Most of you have probably dealt with this. There always seems to be one student that refuses to listen to anything the teacher has to say. Even if the teacher is staying very polite and calm, the student disregards everything the teacher is saying.

76 out of 220 discipline referrals at Black River Falls High School have been issued based on disrespect. There has to be a reason this happens. Students use excuses to disrespect other people, more specifically teachers.

Excuse 1: “In order to get respect, you have to give respect.”

Some misread rules and strictness as disrespect to students. They say, “In order to get respect, you have to give respect.” Respect works both ways. People use that perceived disrespect as an excuse to disrespect other people. If someone is waiting to receive respect from the other person before they respect them, isn’t that just a never ending cycle?

Excuse 2: “I want attention!”

Sometimes that disrespect arises from a student’s need for attention. Teachers live busy lives. They work hard to educate us, grade assignments, and answer our questions. If you are a student stuck in a big class, getting a teacher’s attention is not the easiest thing to do–especially when the teacher has 25 other students to focus on.

A student in need of attention might lash out, complain, or disobey the teacher’s orders. It can be easier to get negative attention from an adult, as opposed to positive attention.When a student causes a scene, the teacher has to immediately focus on that student. It’s easy to get negative attention, but it’s not productive. Realize this-if one works hard, positive attention will come.

Students need to keep in mind that teachers are busy, and they are doing the best they can. Respect for each other and a hard work ethic is the best way to get the teacher’s attention.