Should Registration be Made Easier?

The end of January is the busiest time as students register for classes that will be taken next year.  What should be fun for students is seeing most of the classes that they picked on their schedules come May.  What is frustrating for students is when they find their final schedules messed up, and it is also irritating for teachers when students do not take registering seriously.  Registration should be made easier by making it so that students do not have to make up their own schedules as well as teaching students to take registration seriously.

Scheduling is supposed to be relaxing where students put classes they want into Skyward and the rest is done for them.  However, when the student gets his or her schedule and sees holes, repeated classes, or classes that he or she did not even sign up for, it gets stressful.  Students should not have to make their entire schedule by looking at matrixes just to fill in holes or switch classes around in order to get the classes they need to graduate.

Last year there were holes in schedules for many students.  Students should not have had to go through the hours of stress with trying to figure out how to get the classes they need to fit in their schedule on top of having to do homework.  It is hard enough choosing eight credits each year with limited class options.  Doing that just caused chaos and made the Guidance Office busier than it normally was.

When it comes to changing students’ schedules other than having holes or repeated classes, the only viable reason for changing is if there is a class that will not benefit a student for college.  Even though in the Course Handbook it says that schedule changes will not be considered for “lunch times, friends in class, time of day, or ‘It’s not what I thought it would be,’” students will find ways to change their schedule.

Reasons for changing schedules range from classes not benefitting their future jobs to disliking the teacher.  Some students, though, may have a personal reason for dropping a class, but most drop a class due to it being “too hard.”

In the Handbook, it says that changing schedules is “strongly discouraged,” but many students will change their classes anyway.   The punishment for students when changing classes are only when they drop a class after the first two days of the semester.  When this happens, they will get an ‘F’.

Registration needs have a bigger emphasis on its importance.  Students should be taught to be take scheduling more seriously so they will make decisions based on preparation for college.  The only reasons for considering changing schedules should be for clerical errors, not meeting the  prerequisites, or graduation requirements.  Any other reasons should not be taken seriously or even be considered for schedule changes.

While students should take scheduling seriously, the school needs to take scheduling seriously too and not force  students to “be responsible” and make their own schedules.