BLAST Using Tiger Way to Prevent Bullying

Students are taught about bullying and the effects that it can have on some students. This year all the schools have been taught “The Tiger Way” and what it means to be a tiger.

“We have ‘penalty boxes’ set up for the kids as a ‘take a break’ spot,” said Allie Sweeney.

If any of the students that attend BLAST after school program get in trouble for bullying another student, they are sent to these places. The workers at BLAST also tell the students about the Tiger Way and what it means to be a tiger.

Though there are ‘time out’ procedures for the workers at BLAST, they have not gone under specific types of bullying training in order to deal with these situations better than they do already.

“We have a strong understanding of the Tiger Way. [We] can persuade the students to follow it instead of the bullying behaviors,” said Sweeney.

The BLAST program deals with students that are in first through fifth graders. While the staff workers try to inform the kids about bullying, they also try to prevent bullying from happening at BLAST.

“I think that bullying start when you first go to school,” said Sweeney.

The students that are in the grades 1 to 5 do not really know that much about bullying and what the effects are on the kids that do get bullied, so the workers at BLAST teach the young students about the Tiger Way so they do not go down the path of bullying other students. Every young student in elementary school wants to be known as a good tiger and always doing the right things and not getting in trouble or bullying other students.

“Helping the students at BLAST with their homework and teaching them the Tiger Way and what it means to be a tiger is the best!” said Sweeney.

Even though students at such a young experience bullying the workers at BLAST say they do their best in trying to stop students from bullying other students. BLAST workers say that if the students are taught about the Tiger Way and what it means to be a tiger, they are more likely to stop teasing or bullying other students.

“Yes, we do deal with bullying, [so] we reference to the Tiger Way. I think it can be difficult because they already had school and then they are coming to BLAST and then it is another two hours of school,” said Katie Malchow.