Seniors set sights on new campuses

Where seniors are going picIt’s the time of year that seniors are finalizing where they’re going to college, what they’re going for and most importantly, how they feel about packing up and going off to college.

“I am going to Vermillion College in Ely, Minnesota,” said senior Brian Drangstveit. Drangstveit was scouted for the college during Legion Baseball the summer before his senior year.

Many seniors are going to college more close to home.

“I am going to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay,” said senior Erin Peterson. Peterson plans on going into Nursing while at UW-Green Bay.

“I want to go into nursing. I hope to specialize in obstetrics nursing after I get my nursing degree,” said Peterson. Peterson already has her CNA and has volunteered at a nursing home this year.

Not all seniors have everything figured out.

“I’m going to the University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point, but I don’t have a declared major,” said senior Justice Thompson. Thompson was inspired to go to UW-Stevens Point after her brother went to the college.

“My brother really liked the campus and it’s close to home, so that’s why I decided to go there,” said Thompson. Seniors have chosen to go to colleges for many reasons.

“I chose to go to Vermillion because I love the campus. It’s right in the woods, which is great for my major,” said Drangstveit. Drangstveit plans on majoring in Wildland/Wildlife Enforcement.

Other seniors decided to go because of the campus life.

“I fell in love with UW-Green Bay. They had awesome sports teams and events that looked like fun, small class sizes where teachers want to help you, nice living spaces, and great classes,” said Peterson.

Most seniors are very excited to go to college.

“I’m very excited to go to college. I get to move far away, make new friends, and see what life is like when you’re on your own,” said Drangstveit.

Some seniors have mixed feelings about going to college.

“I’m excited because I’m going to meet new people and start growing up. But I’m also a little nervous too because I have never had to share a room with anyone and I’m afraid for the classes because they will be really hard, but I’m more excited than nervous,” said Peterson.

“I’m excited to go so I can do things I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m also scared because there are a lot of people and I will be on my own,” said Thompson.

Some colleges are more popular than others with this class of seniors. The most popular college seems to be UW-Eau Claire. The next most popular college choices are UW-Green Bay and UW-La Crosse