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Seniors make graduation plans

Graduation is a huge accomplishment in one’s life.  This day can be both exciting and gut wrenching for most seniors.  Planning a graduation day may involve a lot of planning and time to get the most out of ones graduation day.

The first preparations for graduation are getting the graduation pictures.  The usual time for taking graduation pictures are during the summer and before school starts.

 “Senior pictures were by far the most costly part of graduation,” said senior Kayla Tennant.

Some seniors are known to slack in classes towards the end of their senior year.  However, slacking in these classes could cause a major outcome with both college and graduation.

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“I am trying my best not to fall into the senior slump by getting good grades and staying active within the high school,” said Tennant.

Preparing for graduation can be both timely and costly.  Seniors have to plan their graduation.

“Some of the costs of my graduation are my senior pictures and cap and gown,” said senior Lucas Quackenbush.

Other major preparations involve planning what you are doing after high school.  A lot of the senior class is still undecided what they want to end up doing.

“I’m not totally sure about what I want to end up doing, but I am going to college for now and I want to see how that turns out,” said senior Ryder Vold.

Choosing how you celebrate your graduation is a big decision for a lot of the seniors.  Seniors can have a big, open graduation party, or a small family graduation party.

“I’m not having a big graduation party, I’m just having a small get together,” said Quackenbush.

Having stress before graduation is common throughout most seniors for either graduation parties or just graduating in general.

“Graduating in general is stressful because I need to get all my school work done and decide what I’m doing after high school,” said Tennant

Even though there may be some bad things involved in graduating, there are a lot of good things with graduating also.  For example, gaining more freedom, going to college, and most of all no more mandatory school.

“I am excited to leave high school and finally go to college and experience new things I wasn’t able to before,” said Quackenbush.

Graduating is a big step for most seniors, and is a huge accomplishment in a person’s life.

“The best feeling about graduating is finally having as much freedoms as an adult and being able to get the most out of life and years to come,” said Tennant.

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Seniors make graduation plans