Short season shorts outgoing athlete’s experience

The snow has just melted and sports teams are just getting to be able to go outside. Athletic teams across the state were held in the gym for weeks while Mother Nature slowly continued bringing back winter weather for a final return.

Over the last few weeks, sports teams have been limited to very little practice. Track has been the only sport that has had a competition while the other sports wait on until they can finally get out there. For athletes that are looking to play at the next level, having a big chunk of their season being cancelled, has had some effects.

Senior Grant Stittleburg will be attending Stevens Point next year and will be a part of their baseball team.

“Yeah, it has been tough. I love the game of baseball and not being able to go outside this past month and play has been hard, but shortly we will be out–and I can not wait,” said Stittleburg.

When universities recruit athletes to play on their teams, they normally look at season stats. This year will be hard for recruiters in the area with a lot of the season being cancelled.

“It won’t really effect me too much. I have spoken with Stevens Point and they know what we are all going through. For some athletes I could see this being a problem, though. The less games you play, the less experience you have to carry on to the collegiate level. It is a bummer to miss a chunk of my senior year of baseball, but I will make the most of it,” said Stittleburg.

“This weather hasn’t had an impact on me going to college. I will be playing football, so missing some track meets isn’t going to hurt my chances. I just wish we could get out there so I could throw,” said senior Christian Steihl.

The golf team has also had a pretty slow start to the season. All golf has been able to do is sit in the classroom and go over rules of the game and different situations.

“This weather has really set our season back. We were supposed to have like five matches already but we haven’t even got to go outside that much. The weather should warm up soon and we will be very busy having matches like three times a week,” said junior Alec Muth.