Next year’s 1:1 program an asset to school

Every day the world finds new ways to use technology and electronics.  However, with this change in technology,  people must change and keep up-to-date with this new-age of technology.

Next year the high school is implementing a new program in our school called one-to-one.  This program will give students a personal laptop.  This will allow many possibilities on how the school will approach both learning and teaching.

The school’s technology integration coach Kaye Henrickson is very hopeful about the future of one-to-one.  Henrickson is helping plan the program and get everything in order.  She is hoping that the school will save money and will become more educated on the technical aspects of the world.

The district is wanting to get the best laptops for both educational uses.  Having the latest technology will allow the latest programs to be accessible for the students.

The one-to-one program will have some environmental advantages as well.  With more classes having more online based classes, the use of paper will be decreased, thus saving the trees.

This change to our school will make way for many new online based classes to enter the school.  It will allow students who are interested in different classes to try them and expand their learning horizons.

Studies show that smaller schools who carry out the one-to-one program there test scores and grades slightly go up.  Even though it may just be a slight increase, this will allow different teachers to see what needs to be changed in different classes.

One-to-one with the computers will also allow students to get help outside of class by either having programs that will help you study, or chat groups with the teachers.  Homework will be available online as well.  Having homework online will result will also allow students who may have missed a day to get their homework and information they may have missed available to them.

Other schools with the one-to-one have seen more responsible students and less behavior referrals.  In fact more schools have seen more engaged learners after implementing the one-to-one program.

The one-to-one program may seem as if it is burning a bigger hole in the schools pocket.  However, studies show that schools save a lot more money from online textbooks, and lack of paper use.  Also the programs on the laptops will be ever-changing and always have up-to-date material.

This new program may be both good and bad for our school district.  Only time will tell the effects of the program, however the faculty seems very hopeful with this change to the high-school.