6 a.m. practice switches up athlete schedules

Lately at Black River Falls High School, many students have had to set their alarms for six in the morning. For what, you may ask? Sports practice!

“I am fine with the early practices. I mean, I have been having to get up early for school for awhile and there was even a time when I had to be to school at seven for weeks on end, so I am used to it by now,” said junior Joseph Barnett.

With six different sports needing to practice after school, the weather has presented the Black River Falls High School with a challenge. Due to the snow-covered and muddy fields, the teams are not able to practice on the fields and courts. Since there are only three gyms available for the sports teams to practice in, some teams were forced to move their practice times to six AM.

“I like the practices being early in the day better than after school,” said sophomore Gabby Servant.

Some students may find themselves more energetic throughout the day because they got up early and were active. On the other hand, some students may find themselves dozing off during class because they burned so much energy already that morning.

“One advantage for me is that the practices are almost private because the area is kind of yours. On the other hand, a disadvantage is that some people don’t take mornings well, but some don’t mind it. I guess it all depends if you are a morning person or not,” said Barnett.

For students without their driver’s license, the early morning practices can present a challenge. The busses do not run their routes that early, and if a parent has to be to work earlier, or is not able to take their child for some reason, how are they supposed to attend their practices?

“I have definitely had trouble getting up at six each morning because I have been busy, and it wears down on the body because you are really tired and it bugs me. But once I am up and ready, I am fine with it. Also, I help give people rides to the early practices that do not have rides available for themselves,” said Barnett.

Many students, including Miranda Schnur, Joey Barnett, and others, agree that morning practices aren’t all that bad.

“I love six AM practices!” exclaimed sophomore Miranda Schnur

Here at the Black River Falls High School, six AM practices are becoming a new regular for many sports teams.