Tours important step in choosing college

Many students are starting to study for the ACT and SAT tests. Some are even starting to look at college life and financially preparing. One thing that students are starting to also do is touring colleges. Many juniors find that touring a college of interest is an important step in choosing a college because of the view they get.

“I want to go to a college in New Mexico,” said sophomore Lionel Sanchez.

Unlike some sophomores, Lionel has put much thought into where he wants to go to school after high school.

The students that are attending the college have a voice and an opinion when it comes to their college. Junior Katie Malchow says that she has toured UW-Eau Claire and UW-La Crosse.

“My tour was actually led by someone from the admissions office,” said Malchow.

Sometimes colleges will hold a student led tour. Many students feel that a student led tour is a better option because they  get a more raw and relatable experience. After all, the admission officer gets to go home instead of stay on the college at night. Who would know the college better than a student who lives there 24/7?

“I’m definitely looking for some more freedom, but I also want a more academically challenging college,” said Malchow.

When students tour colleges, they get a look inside the college life. They get to tour a dorm and a variety of the buildings in which student pursue their majors. Sometimes when they visit a college; however, they get a view that might not be so good.

“Walking from building to building for classes is going to be hard to adjust to,” said Malchow.

Even though they visit a college to get a feel for it, they also get a social feel for the college.

“Adjusting to college life and making new friends, meeting new people, it’s going to be difficult for me,” said Malchow.

The overall experience of college tours are very important in making a decision. However, many students neglect to tour their college of interest.