Superintendent Selected for BRFSD

On April 2, Dr. Shelly Severson was named as the Black River Falls School District Superintendent.

“It is with highest regard and respect that we welcome Shelly Severson as our educational leader.  She is an energetic, professional, accomplished leader who looks to continuously improve the learning environment,” said Mary Jo Rozmenoski, Black River Falls School District’s current school board president. Severson was selected after 16 other applicants applied.

“Dr. Severson was one of 16 applicants for district administrator.  The Board reviewed all application materials then narrowed personal interviews to 6.  After personal interviews, Dr. Severson was one of three top finalists in our search,” said Rozmenoski. Severson has many  qualities that qualify her for this job such as an Ed.D. Educational Administration, Master of Arts in Education, Educational Leadership and Bachelor of Music, Choral and General Music.

“I am a very active member in the community, I have a good understanding of the district, and I know our district’s strengths,” said Dr. Shelly Severson. The school board thought she had many great qualities as well.

“Dr. Severson is an experienced instructional leader, has exemplary interpersonal skills, is a collaborative leader and is driven by personal integrity and high values.  She has pursued continuous professional development throughout her career,” said Rozmenoski. Severson has many great ideas to help further our district, and the Board is there to help her.

Severson’s first priority is to help bridge the gap between the schools.

“There is such a big shock when students transfer to each school, and it shouldn’t be like that,” said Severson. She would like to form a leadership team that involves teachers, parents and students.

“Students tend not to care about what is happening in the other schools in our district. But what happens in each school affects everyone,” said Severson. Severson wants the leadership team to branch over all of the schools in our district. The leadership team would be consisted of mostly teachers and parents from all three schools.

“It’s important for teachers, parents, and students to be involved because they all have a say in what happens with their school,” said Severson. Making a leadership team is not Severson’s only priority. She also believes that going to one to one technology next year will help the school.

“One to one technology will be good for the students next year. It will help keep the students and teachers connected,” said Severson.

“The Board looks forward to the transition of working with Dr.Severson as the district’s superintendent, as she brings positive, trusting, creative leadership and is familiar with all facets of our district,” said Romenoski.