Staff, students give tips for finding summer jobs

Many local businesses expect to have students come work for them during the summer. Having a summer job gives students a way to make money for themselves and feel independent.

High schoolers are unsure where to look or find job opportunities, but students can find jobs in several different ways.

“The most effective means is to read the paper and look at the job postings. If none of those options sound interesting, ask an upper classman about job opportunities, and check social networking pages for local businesses,” said careers teacher Tina Gilbertson.  Often word of mouth and having good references will secure a job.

“It gives me something to pass time and I like having my own money,” said junior Tyler Rush.

It is not Rush’s first time working this year. Rush has worked at the golf course in the past summers. He filled out the application and got a call soon after.

“I don’t work in the summer because school and sports take up all my time,” said Rush. In some cases, students keep their jobs through the school year. They are able to work on weekends if they have the time.

“Once summer comes I will get more hours and more hours means more money, but I will not have as much free time,” said Burger King cook Harry Lipke.

Students  are not looking for a career choice you are just looking for work. Students in Black River Falls and the surrounding area have many options to look for temporary or part-time employment.  There are several fast food establishments, lots of hospitality jobs with local hotels, and jobs related to tourism such as employment with the state/county Park, as well as the Lunda Park.

“Students who like to be outdoors can also look to get jobs in the agriculture industry or small construction jobs,” said Gilbertson. All it takes is standing out to your employer.

There are many ways to get hired for a job. It depends on what job you are planning on getting. Complete, correct and truthful applications are what employers are looking for.

“Students should make sure they complete every section of the application. It’s important that students promote themselves and list volunteer opportunities as well as previous paid employment. Students need to be sure to ask the individuals they list as references if they will be a reference before listing them on an application,”said Gilbertson.

Once students get the job they want they have their own money to spend. It is very easy to spend money on things that are not important. “I buy things that I need and then I put the rest into a savings account for college,” said Rush.